General Information

SOIL SEPARATOR geotextile fabric, as its name suggests, is commonly used to separate different types of soils or aggregates in order to prevent them from mixing together and contaminating each other. The light weight, yet durable fabric is permeable and, as a result will allow water and very fine soil particles to pass through its structure.

SOIL SEPARATOR is a spun–bonded, non–woven polypropylene fabric weighing a mere 0.5 oz. /yd² (17gm/m²). It has a very high strength to weight ratio.

SOIL SEPARATOR is available in either black or white colors and in a wide variety of roll sizes. For availability of roll sizes, please refer to the Product Availability Chart. Soil Separator fabrics can easily be cut using scissors or a utility knife to meet your specific needs.

SOIL SEPARATOR fabric is an extremely versatile construction material and has a multitude of applications in septic bed construction, sub–surface drainage and various landscaping projects.


SOIL SEPARATOR products should not be left exposed to direct sunlight for periods exceeding 60 days as fabric strength may be compromised.
All plastic packaging materials and fabric should be kept away from small children and pets as choking hazards may exist.